• "Style is the skillful omission of the non-essential."
    (Anselm Feuerbach, German painter, 1829-1880)


Your appearance always leaves an impression. This is something you can control. Would you like to be comfortable, confident and convincing?

Together we define what you want to achieve, and then I prepare a quotation based on your needs. During consultancy we will tease out how you can reach your objectives in a way that is right for your type and situation. The duration and frequency of my services are aligned with your requirements.

Your office or your home are also part of your overall image. Perhaps you have neglected this aspect up to now or haven’t yet adjusted it to your new image?

Your successful image isn’t only you as a person, it includes your surroundings as well. I will help you to recognize how effective even minor changes in your home can be for your well-being and your poise.


  1. Personal Image Consulting
    • Consulting, Coaching Style and Appearance
    • Wardrobe check
    • Outfit Consulting for special events
    • Personal Shopping Assistance
  2. Consulting InteriorStyle@Home
    • Interior Design
    • Decoration for special events